Friday, 11 March 2011

A couple of layouts

Sorry, I've been awol for a while, but life really is hectic at the moment.

I have managed to do a bit of scrapping though, such as this one:

The photo of the layout is really dull and it looks much better than this in real life. It is about my son and how much he loves playing with Go Go's.

I've also done this layout:

I'm not entirely pleased with it, but hey, it's done. It was about a toy museum the year did at school and what he wrote about the toy he took in, which was mine.

In December 2009 we took a family holiday to Lapland. It was a fantastic experience and one I would really recommend. I took hundreds of photos like this;

and this;

and really want to get them into an album along with the tickets, receipts and lots of other bits and bobs. I kept a diary whilst I was there and so I have lots to get onto the pages.

Because of the sheer volume of this work I have spent lots of time thinking about how I wanted this album to work. I started off thinking that an 8 x 11.5 album was the way to go, but as I started getting everything together I've decided on a 12 x 12. I'm still planning on using other sizes within the album but that it what I'm going for so far.

I have started the album and I'll try and take some photos of it to get onto the blog.

Have a great weekend!