Sunday, 18 December 2011

December Daily - Day 7

This is day 7.  It is of my son in the school nativity play.  I have placed a star in the middle of the photo merely to hide a childs face - it isn't staying there!  The photo is a bit blurry as it was taken without the flash but I love the colour in it and it truly reflects what I saw at the time.  The play was called 'Out of Darkness, Christmas Light' and I cut the title out of the programme and sewed it onto the photo. I have another programme which I have inserted into into a page protector which I cut down and sewed to size.  Here it is in the album:

I have put the ribbon over the name of the child who designed the drawing for the sake of privacy.

Hope you like it.


Saturday, 17 December 2011

December Daily - Day 5

I've had a totally manic time during the last two weeks. There has been so much going on with the kids that I haven't had any time for scrapping.
Then, when I finally did get around to scrapping, my computer broke and then when that was sorted out my ink ran out! Aargh!!!
Fortunately I printed a few photos before my ink so I'll concentrate on those for now.

I am determined to finish this album as I absolutely love this project and I just love looking back at the albums I've created in previous years. I have been keeping a note of what we have been doing and keeping bits and bobs to place in my page protectors for when I finally get my photos.

In the meantime here is day 5. I got my box of baubles down from the attic just to check they were still in tact after the work we've had done on the house. I love seeing these every year. I added the journaling at the side. The journaling says

'Today the decorations came out of the attic ready to go on the tree. I love getting them out each year and I especially love seeing the decorations I bought for the children. Every year they have a new one which reflects them or what they have enjoyed throughout the year. I call our main tree my memory tree as each ornament holds a special memory.'

On our main tree there are also a lot of decorations I bought on trips abroad and the memories come flooding back each year.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Day 4

Sunday was a chilled out day when we finished the decorations on the tree and the kids did their homework. I really wasn't sure what my story for the day would be and then I thought that I photograph what is going on right now, regardless of it being December - and that was homework! So here is my eldest daughter working away in our kitchen with the tree in the background.

I've kept the scrapping to a minimum on this page as I don't really think it needs any more. I may add a bit more bling after I've added my journaling.

Hope you like it.


Saturday, 3 December 2011

Trimming the Tree - Day 3

This afternoon we trimmed our first tree. It came down out of the attic in its' bag, which was covered in dust, unfurled and finally looked totally magical in all it's glory. I love how trees go from looking so dusty and boring to looking totally 'wow!'.

I haven't scrapped the photo yet, but thought you may like to see what I've done with it. I up-loaded it into Photoshop and added the title and text.

I'll post the scrapped page when it's done.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Today I had my hair done so I decided to scrap that. There is a school Christmas Fair I'm going to later but as it is usually soooo busy I don't think I'll take my camera - so here is my offering today - moi with a new hair do!

I'm adding journalling to my album after I've blogged - just in case you were wondering.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

December has arrived!

Yay, December is here! I just love Christmas but I'm not quite in the spirit yet as I'm just getting over all the building work. I also love December because of the December Daily album.

When the kids got up early this morning out came the Advent Calendars and, yet again (!) explaining that it was only 1 chocolate a day!

Here is my scrapping for day 1.