Saturday, 15 November 2008

Stories in Hand

I'm taking a scrapbooking class. Not the conventional stick this paper here and that paper there kinda class, but more of a thought provoking class that gets the stories outta your head and onto the page, and boy do I feel as though I have lots of stories in there. Since I've been scrapbooking I have seen so many photos and photo opportunities that have made me remember things from my past. Why didn't I write them down?

Now I have this blog things are going to change. I want my kids to really know about me as a person, rather than just me as their mum. Thankfully my mum is still here and is still fit and healthy and I have lots of questions for her as well. Setting up this blog is just the start!

I have made and completed an album of 'sparks' which are pointers to spark your memory and I have also made a cute little jotter pad which I'm going to start carrying around with me to actually record those memories. Here is a photo of my jotter ---

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Hysteri-CAL said...

I still need to print all my stuff off ... I just keep saving stuff for now !

Love the pumpkin piccy - its fab !