Thursday, 29 March 2012

Week 4

Here are my pages for week 4.  On this page I added in a few 'filler' photos, such as the daffodils and the Spag Bol. 

Both of my girls went horse riding and I had a ton of photos, so I cut down a page protector and added that in with a photo of me in the kitchen!  I am making a real effort to include some photos of me in this album by handing over the camera to someone else.   On the side of the page I added a piece of 'Just the Edge' by Bazzill.

The next photo shows the reverse of the cut down page protector.

This is the second of the 'normal' ages and shows another of our teas that week - Cottage Pie and a piece of cardboard from a Gingerbread House my girls were making.

It also shows my mum helping with my ironng and the Young Voices concert which my daughters took part in.

Monday, 26 March 2012


My Project Life journey continues!  I love it!

I love that I can add bits and pieces of  life - of receipts, tags, papers etc.

I love that I can scrap it as the week progresses.

I love that I am creating something that I will cherish at the end of the year.

I love that the whole family is involved in this project.

I love that I am carrying my camera everywhere I go to capture moments that would otherwise have been lost in time.

I love that I am writing down things that my kids say that otherwise I wouldn't have recorded.

I love that I am taking a ton of photos.

I am up to date with my album I just haven't got round to taking photos and blogging which I am planning to do in the next few days.

I have done a few 12 x 12 pages but am mainly focusing on PL. 

This page is quite simple, but I have added a lot of bits of paper that I want to use up.  I haven't added the journaling yet, but it is about my daughter learning to ride her bike.

I love this next one!  When my son was younger he was really into Power Rangers.  He was convinced he was one and would go around the shops with me in his dressing up outfit shouting 'hi-ya' to anyone and everyone!  Another of his favourite hobbies was play dough and his photo captures both of those things.  I collected the badges from a magazine and the zip pull on the bottom of the layout is from an old lunch box.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tag - February

I'm not a huge tag person but when I received a challenge from a friend in the US, I couldn't resist.  Tim Holtz on his blog is creating various tags throughout the year and I was challenged to create the February one.  I don't have a lot of Tim's products so I used what I had to hand.  I painted a brown tag white and stamped hearts with red ink.  I then made the rosette out of chipboard and scrunched up paper.

I then inked a chipboard heart and covered it with red stickles.  I added ribbon along the bottom with a heart ribbon charm and finished it off with a piece of Bazzill Just the Edge on the top and some mini alpha stickers.

Considering this is my first ever tag, I'm quite pleased with it and I had fun making it.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Project Life - Week 2

Week 2

We had some lovely sunsets this week so one of those featured in my album, as did a picture that my daughter drew.  On the reverse of the drawing I inserted a letter which she had written at school as part of her World War 2 topic.

On the next page there are photos of the first bunch of tulips I have bought this year, a fun games night and a walk that we did on the Sunday.

Week 3

Page one was of a trip I did to Chester Zoo with my kids School and my son playing on his DS.  I added in a picture my daugher had drawm and a piece of packaging I had received.

On the second page are more photos but I have had to pixelate some information out to protect the privacy of some friends.

The 'One Little week' insert is a download from Ali Edwards blog.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Project Life

 I am doing Project Life this year.  I thought very hard about whether I should go ahead with it as I feel as though I have so many photos and stories to scrap that I won't have time to fit this in as well.  But now I am into week 5 I must say I am totally addicted and love it!  I am already loving  going back through the album to read the stories of what we have done so far this year.  So here is my introduction page.  I am going to add in other pictures of the children soon.

I was very excited to get started on this project and had all my stuff organised and read to go. 

I bought some digital numbers by Ali Edwards here as I think there will be so versatile and added one into the pocket for Week 1.  Here is the full page spread.

The first page was the New Year celebrations in London and what we did on New Year's day.

The second page detailed how my daughters love to make cakes.  I added in some journaling and it was done.

Love it!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Remainder of December Daily Album

Here are some more of my December Daily pages. 

Day 16 was just a simple page with a few snowmen at the bottom.

Day 17 tells of my daughters first horse riding lesson.  I didn't take photos at the stables because the light was bad and I didn't want to scare the horses by using flash, but I recorded the story in the journaling.

On the 18th I hadn't taken any photos and then there was a knock on the door and the Rotary carol wagon was outside.  I grabbed the children and my camera and managed to get a few photos.  They are quite blurred but I'm not bothered about it - I decorated the page with a few stickers and a glittered white star from my stash.

Day 19 was of my son's Ju Jitsu display.  I have blanked out the face of his friend for privacy.  On the opposite page to this, in my album I have blown up a photo to 8.5 x 11 and added text to the bottom, but there are lots of other kids shown on that so I can't share it.

Day 20 was another simple page about the first Christmas in our new kitchen.

My daughter and a friend made some mince pies on the 21st.

Day 22 was another baking day, this time with a cake mix that I bought from Tesco.  I saved the wrapper from it and laminated it as a page divider.

Day 23 was my son asleep in our bed - sweet!

Christmas Eve!  I took this photo in the evening when the excitement was growing.  I blew it up and sits on the opposite page to the the next photo down.

These photos are just a snap shot of things we did on the day.

Christmas Day.

I blew up one photo again which shows the hustle and bustle of Christmas morning.

The opposite page again, is photos of a letter from santa and opening presents.

Completing this album was a bit of a struggle.  My computer broke, I ran out of ink and life got in the way but I am really pleased that I ploughed on and completed it.  The resulting album contains lots of memories, photos, drawings, clippings and other memories that I will treasure for years to come.  If you haven't done this project before, I highly recommend it. 


Thursday, 19 January 2012

December Daily

Christmas seems such a long time ago now, but I will keep posting the pages from my December Daily.

Day 13

I took this one at a fairly quiet moment and it is one of my favourite of the holidays.  I jazzed it up a bit with some tartan ribbon.

Day 14

I did consider not puting this photo in my album because it is horizontal, but I decided that I really wanted to tell the story so in it went.  I covered the whole of the page in paper and added in some bits and pieces, rather than trying to stick to the template that I have used before.

Day 15

I didn't take any photos on the 15th and so I just stuck in this receipe card from Waitrose and journalled about the magazines that I like to read at Christmas.

I am planning on being back tomorrow with more from my album.