Thursday, 19 January 2012

December Daily

Christmas seems such a long time ago now, but I will keep posting the pages from my December Daily.

Day 13

I took this one at a fairly quiet moment and it is one of my favourite of the holidays.  I jazzed it up a bit with some tartan ribbon.

Day 14

I did consider not puting this photo in my album because it is horizontal, but I decided that I really wanted to tell the story so in it went.  I covered the whole of the page in paper and added in some bits and pieces, rather than trying to stick to the template that I have used before.

Day 15

I didn't take any photos on the 15th and so I just stuck in this receipe card from Waitrose and journalled about the magazines that I like to read at Christmas.

I am planning on being back tomorrow with more from my album.


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